Hillary Clinton

In the bombshell report released this week by the DOJ’s Inspector General, there is a little tidbit from the FBI officials who interviewed Hillary Clinton about her use of a private email server while secretary of state. They revealed that many of her claims were “hard to impossible to believe.” And now the public is left wondering why was she let off the hook then?

In the July 2016 interview, Clinton repeatedly claimed that she was ignorant about emails marked classified sent to her private email server. She claimed that she didn’t know that the (C) classification marker meant classified. Instead she “speculated it was a reference to paragraphs ranked in alphabetical order.”

The agent who remains unidentified said about that answer, “I filed that in the bucket of hard to impossible to believe.”

The Daily Caller has more:

The other FBI agents present during the interview with Clinton were shocked at how “technically illiterate” she was, according to former FBI Director James Comey.

“I can’t sit here and tell you I believed her,” Comey said, according to the report. “I can only tell you, in no particular could we prove that she was being untruthful to us.”

Comey said the plan going into the interview was that if Clinton “lied to us in a way we thought we could prove, that would have changed everything.”

But despite the fact that the FBI and DOJ officials who attended the interview found Clinton’s claim to technological ignorance “strained credulity,” the interviewers said her statement could not be “affirmatively disproved.”

The same unidentified FBI agent that was doubtful of Clinton’s technological ignorance appeared to believe it was a waste of his time to interview the former secretary of state.

“We have nothing — shouldn’t [sic] even be interviewing,” the agent said in an instant message four days before the Clinton interview.

“My god…. I’m actually starting to have embarrassment sprinkled on my disappointment…. Ever been forced to do something you adamantly opposed,” the agent said in another message.

That agent later sent an instant message saying he was “done interviewing the President,” referring to Clinton. Afte election day he messaged his wife saying, “You should know;…. that I’m…. with her.”

So now we know exactly why she was let off the hook. The FBI agent who interviewed was a Clinton supporter.

So where’s the justice?