Fox News anchor Sean Hannity told former Fox news anchor Bill O’Reilly that he should come back to Fox and that he would “drag him back into the swamp” if needed be, reports the Washington Examiner.

On Monday O’Reilly talked to Hannity about his former job to which O’Reilly responded that he wasn’t sure about coming back, joking that he was “at the beach every day.”

“I mean, I have to get this legal stuff done, I have to get this investigation done. This is where I’m putting my energies,” said O’Reilly.

The investigation he is talking about are the five sexual harassment lawsuits that were charged against him in April and the reason why he left Fox.  The network settled the lawsuits for $13 million, which caused advertisers to flee from his program, “The O’Reilly Factor.”

“The O’Reilly Factor” was one of the most watched programs on cable television, and Hannity said it is O’Reilly’s fan base that has followed him to his own show.  Hannity also said that he misses O’Reilly’s political discussion.

“I think you want back in the swamp and I think you’d love it back in the swamp,” Hannity said. “Look, I know your fans would like you back on, too, and there’s not a day that goes by that people don’t ask me, ‘How’s O’Reilly doing? When is he coming back?'”

The two anchors were known to be bulldogs against the liberal media, and between themselves, which now Hannity wishes they did a little less of.

“I do have a regret. I think we were at each other’s throats a little too much,” Hannity said.

Who knows though, perhaps Bill could be back on Fox to be back to fight with Hannity and the liberal media.

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BY Isabelle Weeks


I am a staff writer for DC Statesman and like to report on current events happening in the Trump administration as well as the political world.