Police swooped in on a home in Norfolk, England, after reports of “gunshots and the sound of children screaming” — only to find a party of small children playing with Nerf guns, Breitbart reported.

“Eight-year-old Oliver Green was celebrating his birthday with friends when officers arrived at the address and told his mother they had been called ‘following reports of machine guns going off.’

“The incident follows just weeks after law enforcement dashed to another supposed gun crime incident in the quiet village, which turned out to be a Second World War re-enactment.”

“I told them that there were some guns, but they are only Nerf guns,” the mother stated. “One officer said to the children ‘who is the birthday boy?’ and my son very cautiously stepped forward and said ‘I am the birthday boy officer, but I am not sure what I have done wrong.'”

Oliver’s mother, Lisa, said the officers “were brilliant with the kids” once the situation became clear, and “the kids loved it.”

British citizens are not permitted to bear firearms or keep them at home for self-defense purposes anywhere but in Northern Ireland, where a relatively small number of current and former police officers, members of the Armed Forces, and others may own Personal Protection Weapons.

“The criminal fraternity seems unimpressed by these prohibitions, however, with crime involving firearms — particularly handguns, which are subject to an almost total ban even for licenced firearms certificate holders — having risen substantially, particularly in London.”

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