Last week’s revelation from a leaked DHS memo offered more fuel for the fire concerning President Obama’s continued push for executive amnesty.

Despite the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals upholding a lower court’s injunction on the administration’s issuance of worker visas to illegal aliens, the leaked memo showed several alternatives being promoted by DHS as means to circumvent the order.

That revelation prompted Judicial Watch — the watchdog group that also instigated the search through Hillary Clinton’s emails — to file suit against the administration for a full release of the documents surrounding those alternative amnesty plans.

The group had already filed a FIOA request with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services department for records related to executive amnesty procedures.

The refusal of the department to comply with that request added to the DHS memo leak prompted the group to file suit this week to force the release of documents related to Obama’s insistence on pushing amnesty.

The content of the memos heavily suggests that the administration intends to act on its amnesty program regardless what the courts and Congress do to stop the policy.

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