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Baltimore Sun media critic David Zurawik called on MSNBC to conduct a full investigation into its host Joy Reid, after a scandal broke last week about possible homophobic posts she made in her early blog, to help maintain the network’s credibility as a news organization, reports The Daily Caller.

“This has been bubbling in the Internet and in social media for a long, long time,” Zurawik said on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” on Sunday. “She brought it on her show Saturday morning. NBC News now owes us an investigation of this.”

Zurawik was confused by Reid’s claim that she had no memory of writing anti-gay postings on her blog and said it would be unprofessional of the network to simply take her word for it.

“I read everything about it. My feeling is I don’t know exactly what she’s saying, even. I’m confused by what she says happened,” Zurawik said. “But if it is what I think it is, that ‘I was hacked, we couldn’t find evidence of the hack, I wrote some things in the past, but now I can’t believe I wrote them because that’s not me.’”

“Look, if you walk in a newsroom with a story and said something like that, the editor would say, hey Stelter, what do we know to actually be true here,” Zurawik continued.

“A news organization needs the same thing. They need to offer it’s audience clarity, and they need to offer their audiences some kind of credible information that they can believe. They owe it to do another kind of outside investigation.”

“If we’re going to hold the administration accountable, we need to hold ourselves accountable,” Stelter concluded.

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