After weeks of intense media speculation and hanging-wringing by the Clinton campaign, Vice President Joe Biden announced in a press conference yesterday that he has decided against a bid for the White House.

Citing the short window of opportunity in terms of filing deadlines for primaries and the already-intense battle for the nomination, Biden concluded that he had run out of ample time to mount a serious campaign for president.

In recent days he consulted with President Obama and other advisers, many of whom were still convinced he would jump into the race.

Given his growing support in recent polls, analysts and pundits are keeping a close eye on where those numbers move now that Biden will not be among the options for voters.

Speculation continues that, despite her ongoing email scandal, Hillary Clinton’s performance in the first debate sealed Biden fate in that most Democrat insiders concluded she won handily.

With Jim Webb’s departure from the race on Monday, Biden’s announcement effectively make the race for the Democrat nomination a two-way fight between Hillary and Bernie Sanders.

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