Conservatives may find a surprising ally in former Vice President Joe Biden, when he didn’t hesitate to lecture liberals over their contradictory views and support of freedom of speech this week, reports the Washington Examiner.

At an event on Tuesday at the University of Delaware, Biden was asked about how to “encourage people to be more accepting of opposing viewpoints.”  His answer may shock most Trump supporters.

“You know, it’s interesting,” he said, “when I was coming up through college and graduate school, free speech was the big issue, but it was the opposite. It was liberals were shouted down when they spoke.”

“And liberals have very short memories,” Biden continued, “I mean this sincerely. It’s a demonstration what’s been lost here.”

Biden made references to the conflicts arising in Berkeley recently where liberals are shutting down the voices of conservatives, so Biden had to give a little lesson on what the meaning of the First Amendment is: “If your idea is big enough, it should be able to compete and you should be able to listen to another point of view.”

Ann Coulter was recently scheduled to give a lecture at Berkeley but was then canceled due to the risk of dangerous liberal protesters trying to silence a conservative voice.

Even famous free speech activists and folk singer Joan Baez said, “Let the Ann Coulters of the world have their say. Trying to stop Ann Coulter or Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking or any group from marching will not stop the advance of fascism, but rather might strengthen it.”

Biden also had to remind the audience what his background was and why he may be qualified to talk about this certain subject:

“I taught constitutional law at Widener law school for 22 years,” he concluded, “The First Amendment is one of the defining features of who we are in the Bill of Rights. And to shut it down in the name of what is appropriate is simply wrong. It’s wrong.”

Former President Obama and Biden have been urging liberals to respect the first amendment and not take away conservatives right to freedom of speech when talking about their causes.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education transcribed all of Biden’s answers and can be found here.

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BY Isabelle Weeks


I am a staff writer for DC Statesman and like to report on current events happening in the Trump administration as well as the political world.