After exiting the race for the Democrat nomination early last Fall, Jim Webb has been teasing the idea of re-entering the race as an Independent candidate for president.

After Tuesday’s results in New Hampshire in which socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders bested Hillary Clinton by more than 20 points, Webb’s entrance appeared more likely.

Speculation is mounting that Webb will officially announce his independent bid this week at a meeting of the Dallas World Affairs Council.

Should he ultimately enter, his candidacy could put serious pressure on Donald Trump’s campaign in that both will be vying for the votes of Independents who do not traditionally align with either major party.

Perhaps a greater threat to Trump’s appeal is that Webb, who served both as a U.S. Senator on the Armed Services Committee and also as the Secretary of the Navy under Ronald Reagan, has serious foreign policy and defense credibility.

At a time when concerns over terrorism and national defense are paramount among voters, Webb’s appeal could cut seriously into Trump’s key constituency in South Carolina.

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