On Monday during the White House press briefing, CNN’s Jim Acosta tried to pin sexual assault allegation on President Trump again when also talking about the recent Rob Porter scandal, but Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders stopped him right there and then proceeded to take him down, reports Independent Journal Review.

First, Acosta asked about the tweet President Trump tweeted on Saturday about people’s reputations being destroyed because of a simple allegation, presumably he was referencing the #MeToo movement that has garnered a lot of backlash lately

But Acosta asked why exactly did the president tweet that over the weekend and then brings up out of the blue that Trump is now defending Rob Porter who was recently fired from being the White House Staff Secretary over an allegation of domestic abuse.

“Why did the president tweet that over the weekend? Why is he seemingly defending Mr. Porter publicly? Is it because he has faced his own allegations? Is there some sensitivity there?” Acosta asked.

Sanders then began reading the statement that she had just read, because apparently Acosta doesn’t listen when Sanders speaks, and she said that the administration takes domestic violence very seriously and believes that all allegations need to be investigated thoroughly.

It’s simple really and Sanders lays it out simply for Acosta to understand. The president believes that anyone accused of a crime such as sexual assault of domestic abuse should be tried in a court of law.

Acosta couldn’t take that answer though and tried to get the answer he wanted out of Sanders when he asks, “Is there a tone deaf? is there just a being on the wrong side of things?”

Again Sanders points out the obvious which is that supporting our legal system and supporting due process for any allegation is not being “tone deaf” and that maybe Acosta and other liberals need a lesson that just sheer allegations shouldn’t be the determining factor in a person life.