Reports show that Attorney General Jeff Sessions wants to put everyone on the National Security Council under a lie detector test to find leakers.

Axios reported that Sessions had brought up the issue with associates as recently as last month.

The report shows that Sessions wants to conduct these tests to find those responsible for leaking the transcripts of Trump’s phone conversations with foreign leaders. Sessions believes that this should be an easy task since the number of people who would have that information is very small.

President Trump has put heavy pressure on Sessions to find the leakers within the federal government. The Trump administration has been swamped with leaks of classified information, more so than its predecessors.

The leaks have varied in topics from the investigation of Russia colluding with Trump during the 2016 election to Trump’s classified conversations with foreign leaders. The fact that the President can’t have private and confidential conversations with world leaders is a troubling concept, and is why Sessions is taking this action.

According to Axios, Sessions believes that the polygraph test will at least scare the leakers from every leaking information again.

Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced on August 4th that the Justice Department would be setting up a task force to find the leakers.

Sessions suggested the investigators also subpoena reporters in order to identify their sources.

However, Sessions knows that this will not be an easy task, as according to Axios: “Sessions seems to understand that it’s extremely tough to successfully prosecute leakers, especially when they are career intelligence professionals who are skilled at covering their digital tracks.”

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BY Isabelle Weeks


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