The Department of Justice has charged 11 members of the Central American caravan coming to the United States, reports The Daily Caller. 

CNN reported Monday, “The Department of Justice has filed complaints against 11 individuals believed to be members of the Central American migrant caravan, accusing them of illegally entering the United States.”

The report indicates that 10 members face misdemeanor charges for entering the country illegally, while one other faces a possible felony charge for re-entering the country after already being deported.

This move by the DOJ marks a significant escalation on the government’s side in how to deal with the migrants. Many were hoping for asylum in the United States.

The caravan comes from different Central American countries and traveled through Mexico to get to the United States. A previously reported crackdown on the caravan from Mexican authorities is believed to have made it much smaller, but the caravan still continued, arriving at the United States-Mexico border Sunday.

The caravan’s arrival coincided with Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to the border to check out the construction of the border fence.

After the month-long journey by bus, about 100 migrants arrived at the San Ysidro port of entry on the US-Mexico border on Sunday evening preparing to claim asylum, according to CNN>

Twenty to 30 migrants spent Sunday night in front of the turnstiles leading to the US side of the port of entry in Tijuana, Mexico.  An organizer and immigrant-rights supporter said they would remain at the immigration processing center until “every last one is admitted into the United States.”

Eight migrants from the caravan were being processed by US officials, the group Pueblo Sin Fronteras and two observers said Monday night.

Two Salvadorans, six Hondurans, two Guatemalans and a Mexican national face charges, according to federal complaints. They are currently in custody. The 11 face a misdemeanor charge for allegedly entering the US illegally. One individual, who is alleged to have entered the country after he was previously deported, also faces a felony charge, according to the complaint.

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