When former FBI Director James Comey went on “The View” for one of his stops along his book tour route, he was asked why he did not disclose to the American people that he was investigating the Russian interference in the 2016 election. As it turns out, it was all because of former President Obama, reports Grabien News.

Comey was first asked by co-host Sunny Holstin why Comey disclosed the email investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server but did not disclose the counterintelligence investigation into members of Trump’s campaign.

“I wrote a draft op-ed for a major newspaper, saying, ‘The Russians are coming for our election, and Americans need to know about it,’ and [the Obama administration] didn’t take me up on it,” he recounted. The former FBI director defended the decision, saying that it was an impossible position for the president.”

In other words, the Obama Administration prevented him from revealing to the American people that Russia was meddling in our election.

Comey further explained that Holstin was right, that the Justice Department does not comment on ongoing investigations unless there is an overriding public interest that needs to be explained to the American people.

Comey further explains that he and Loretta Lynch then close Clinton’s case but then later discovered that what they had told the American people earlier was no longer true, and he had the decision to make of staying quiet or coming out and reopening the investigation again in 2016.

“We will have defrauded the American people,” is how Comey phrased it when deciding to tell the American people about the investigation opening again before the end of the election.

Comey also wanted to be sure to make clear that when the Russia investigation did open in the summer of 2016, he was specifically looking at a “small group of Americans, not Donald Trump.”

Comey further defends himself about his comments over the Clinton investigation, but not the counterintelligence investigation, because they weren’t even sure if they had anything at the beginning and certainly didn’t want to tip off the people they were investigating by announcing it to the whole public.

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BY Isabelle Weeks


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