The Association of Israeli Gay Fathers has filed a petition to change Israeli federal adoption laws. And this petition is being challenged by the government.

The current Israeli adoption law states that a same-sex couple can submit a request for adoption, however it will be honored only after it is determined the child will not be adopted by a traditional family. In addition, even if approved, only one of the parents can be the official legal guardian.

And the Israeli government is set in their ways and refuses to budge:

“In relation to same-sex couples, justice and social affairs ministers have decided, on the basis of expert opinion, not to act to change the existing law. (Which permits adoption by male-female partners or single individuals, even if part of a same-sex couple). A couple that is not a married man and woman, and same-sex couples, are permitted to submit a request [for adoption]… that will be considered only when it has not been possible for the child to be adopted by ‘a male-female couple’ which is the common, regular route by law.”

This has infuriated the left group the Association of Israeli Gay Fathers.

“The Israeli government has declared war on LGBT families, nothing less. Time and time again, we are confronted with the sealed hearts and minds of representatives of the state attorney’s office and the legal advisor to the government, rejecting every request and every petition submitted by LGBT families to request equality in adoption.”

Israel is facing a mountain of problems, including but not limited to the murder of their citizens by outside forces. Maybe Israel should focus on that rather than slight changes in adoption law.