The Alliance Defense Fund and Judicial Watch have combined forces to combat what they jointly allege are secretive practices by the IRS.

According to a motion filed by the duo, the IRS has for some time initiated “church investigations” with respect to religious institutions and their tax exemption.

The claim in the motion is that the IRS has been “stonewalling” efforts to gain insight into how, why and when the agency decides to pursue these investigations.

If the federal court grants the motion, the IRS will have to detail its processes and protocol for initiating investigations into churches.

ADF Chief Counsel Chsristina Holcomb opined, “The IRS is not above the law, and Americans deserve to know the truth about the agency’s secret deals with activists.”

The watchdogs allege that the IRS withheld as many as 10,000 of the 16,000 documents it demanded via a previous FOIA request.

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