Although director James Comey declined to pursue charges against Hillary Clinton for passing on classified materials through a private email server, that does not mean she is out of the woods. A new report indicates the FBI is still investigating the pay-to-play operations of the Clinton Foundation.

Every agent in the Little Rock, Arkansas office dedicated to investigating public corruption are working the case.

“Everybody’s working the foundation in Little Rock,” a former senior FBI official told TheDCNF. There at least 10 agents involved, but it’s possible the Little Rock field office is “pulling bodies from other programs.”

The official previously told TheDCNF that an unprecedented FBI probe of the foundation was being waged in multiple cities, which TheDCNF reported in August. The other cities involved in the probe include New York, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles and Miami.

The Clinton Foundation is registered in Little Rock.

Although the Department of Justice has tried to stop the investigation, it has continued, albeit slowly – especially in New York.

“The Eastern District of New York basically put a pause on doing any overt activity. Basically it put everything on hold. That’s the prosecutor’s office. But it’s not the FBI,” the official said. “They are not in the position to tell us, ‘no don’t do that interview.’ But they can certainly slow you down by not giving you the use of subpoenas or not empaneling a grand jury.”

But indictments are not expected anytime soon. The investigation encompasses many FBI offices and will continue for a long time. But if Hillary Clinton should win the presidency, this could result in a Constitutional crisis.