Details unveiled in a Senate Immigration Subcommittee last week offered alarming numbers for immigration projections in next five decades.

According to the projections based on Pew Research, the U.S. population increases due to immigrants and their descendants in the next 50 years will add more than 100 million to the nation’s numbers.

That reality bears a stark 7 to 1 ratio of population increases from foreign-born immigrants versus American-born citizens.

Committee Chairman Jeff Sessions (R-AL) called for a stricter immigration policy advising, “We should not admit people in larger numbers than we can reasonably expect to vet, assimilate, and absorb into our schools, communities, and labor markets.’

The details come at a crossroads in American electoral politics in which the immigration issue has become the top concern among voters who overwhelmingly want immigration reduced and job security protected.

The Committee’s report blasted disastrous proposals like that from the so-called Gang of Eight which would have added more green-cards than the entire state of Texas alone.

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