President Trump can get all of the critics off his back about the Helsinki Summit with Russia with one move: Announce that he is moving the U.S. troops currently stationed in Germany to Poland, Fox News reports.

The Polish government recently presented Trump with a formal proposal to move U.S. troops from Stuttgart, Germany, to a new permanent U.S. military base in Poland. Trump should take this offer and run with it.

Fox News had more on this possibility:

“Moving U.S. troops to Poland would a bold, historic decision on par with Trump’s decision to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. Not only would it better position American forces, it also would completely flummox Trump’s critics in the U.S. foreign policy establishment. After spending the past week accusing him of being Putin’s puppet, they would look foolish if they turned around and criticized him for antagonizing Russia. And after attacking him for undermining NATO, they could hardly complain that he is taking unprecedented action to shore up the alliance’s Eastern flank.

Such a move would reinforce the tough line the president took on defense spending at last week’s NATO summit, by punishing a deadbeat ally that does not meet its NATO commitments and rewarding a steadfast ally that does. Why should Germany — a country that spends just 1.24 percent of its gross domestic product on defense — continue to be rewarded with the economic benefit of U.S. bases? Better to station U.S. forces in a country such as Poland that is providing what Trump has called a ‘truly magnificent’ example as ‘one of the NATO countries that has actually achieved the benchmark for investment in our common defense.'”

While meeting with NATO, Trump emphasized that Germany needs to do more regarding defense spending. He can argue that this inadequacy has necessitated the move out of Germany. At NATO, Trump blasted the Germany-to-Russia Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, declaring “it’s a very bad thing for NATO.” He’s right. The pipeline makes Germany dependent on Russia for energy, and it also risks the security of Poland and other Eastern European allies.

Fox News continues:

“The move would also benefit U.S. taxpayers. The Polish government has offered up to $2 billion to cover most of the costs of building such a base and supporting U.S. troops in Poland, declaring it is committed ‘to share the burden of defense spending [and] make the decision more cost-effective for the U.S. government.’ This should be attractive to Trump, who has criticized other allies for not paying enough for the cost of stationing U.S. forces on their territory.

“And there is one last good reason to do it: Poland loves Trump. When Trump spoke in Warsaw last year, his speech was repeatedly interrupted by chants of ‘Donald Trump! Donald Trump!’ Such response would be unimaginable in Berlin.”

Germany shouldn’t be the position of the United States, the potential line of contact has moved east, and the U.S. military should follow.

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BY Mark Graham


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