A horrific sight is what Homeland Security investigators found when they discovered a stash house off illegal immigrants in San Antonio, Texas.

11 men were found in their underwear being held captive.

ICE officials were tipped off about this house because just hours earlier is when the semi trailer of illegals was found in a Walmart parking lot. Inside were 10 dead people and many others suffering from heat exhaustion. This disgusting story was featured all across the country.

The leader of the illegal transportation was Jesus Antonio Martinez-Cerda.

“Martinez stated that he is a citizen and national of Mexico having entered the United States illegally four years ago. Martinez stated he has been working at the residence on Westhaven for about three weeks,” the report read. “Martinez stated that he is responsible for feeding the UDAS(undocumented aliens) and arranging the payment of the smuggling fees.”

Some of the undressed men found in the house claimed that Martinez demanded $3,500 to transport them to the US.

The driver of the semi full of illegal immigrants, James Bradley Jr., is facing life in prison or death and a $250,000 fine.

How did this semi even make it through border patrol? Events like this prove that it is crucial for stricter immigration policies. President Trump’s promised border wall is taking shape and new immigration policies are being drafted just in time. Because this incident with stash house and trailer is unacceptable.