Nancy Pelosi should be labeled “the hand that keeps on giving” because she gives quite the speech.

Pelosi appeared and spoke at the National Association of Letter Carriers convention in Detroit earlier this week; she said, “America’s letter carriers are the lifeblood of the American economy.”

She continued, “I just want to tell you this one thing because I’m a person of faith, and I see everything in terms of my religion,” momentarily losing her mind.

“And this is how you come into that picture. When you, those of you who may be Catholic and go to church you see St. Paul to the Corinthians, St. Paul to the Ephesians, St. Paul to the this and the that,” she said.

“It was the letters, the letters of St. Paul that spread Christianity. Again, if the Romans had not built roads, there would not have been a mail system. But the mail system was the connection, the connection that spread,” she said, repeating herself.

“So I feel deeply indebted to the tradition of mail carriers to the spread of a faith that I hold dear,” Pelosi said.

Wow, what a statement. Pelosi seems to lose more of her mind with every word she speaks and may not even know what planet she’s on, much less which American state.

The American Mirror had more on the subject:

“The story may not exaaaaactly be as Pelosi presents it.

The Bath (UK) Postal Museum details the Roman Postal System:

‘Throughout it’s extensive network a relay service was maintained with horses and carriages stationed along the roads.

Couriers travelled about 50 miles a day, and much faster in an emergency. Only the emperor, his officials and friends could use this postal service. The penalty for anyone else caught using the system was death. Private letters were usually carried by servants or traders.'”

As Pelosi attempted to rally the unionist with this history lesson, not even one of the workers even attempted to smile. They all stood stone-faced and confused.

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