Bernie Sanders

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is a self-proclaimed socialist. He often rails against capitalism, claiming it is unfair to the working man. But as it turns out, it’s been really good to him. Cashing in on his heightened profile from his presidential run, Sanders has banked $1.7 million in royalties from his book.

Federal disclosures show that he is making a ton of money from his book deals and some other “non-investment” income. He has made nearly seven figures in the both of the last two years. He made $810,000 from a book deal with Macmillan and $505,000 from St. Martin’s Press.

The American Mirror breaks it down:

According to a description of the agreements, one of the deals, inked in July 2016, involved a “contract with St. Martin’s Press to write ‘Our Revolution: A Future To Believe In’ that was published in November 2016.”

The other, signed in February 2017, is for a new book, “Where Do We Go From Here?” set for publication in “the fall of 2018.”

Sanders also disclosed other deals with different publishers for smaller amounts.

An August 2016 arrangement with Macmillan – Henry Holt and Company to write a book for young adults banked $63,750 in royalties, while a reboot of his 1990 book “Outsider in the White House” updated in 2016 brought in $5,341 from Verso Publications.

Sanders also made some cash off a small project with Todd R. Lockwood Works in Burlington, Vermont, and his wife, Jane, landed her own book deal with Macmillan – St. Martin’s Press as well, reported as an undisclosed amount worth more than $1,000.

It was a similar situation in 2016, when Sanders reportedly received nearly the same payouts for the same deals.

Sanders reported $795,000 from Macmillan – St. Martin’s Press, $63,750 from Macmillan – Henry Holt and Company, $6,734 from Verso Publications, and $2,520 from Todd Lockwood Works in calendar year 2016 – figures that were reported in June 2017.

It looks like it pays to rail against capitalism! Sanders makes around 1,700 percent more than the median household in his home state of Vermont.