The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) President Rich Trumka on Wednesday refused to rule out his union endorsing President Donald Trump for re-election in 2020, NewsMax reported.

“Well, he will be looked at,” Trumka told Newsmax, “Everyone will be looked at.”

Pressed as to how sincere he was about the AFL-CIO considering not endorsing the Democratic nominee for president for the first time since 1972, Trumka insisted “we will consider every candidate who’s running in 2020.”

Recalling the last presidential race, Trumka pointed out that “Trump got 3 percent more of our members than [Mitt] Romney did in 2012, but Hillary Clinton, unfortunately for her, got 10 percent less of our members than Obama did in 2012. And some didn’t vote for President or some voted third-party.”

Trump has gained popularity among union members, Trumka feels, “because people were mad. They were looking for someone who was going to change the economy. They felt there were assaults on their health care and assaults on their pensions. People were looking for someone who will shake up the status quo because the economy wasn’t working for them. Their wages were flattened, and they found that candidate in Donald Trump.”

Trump, “promised to lift up workers and reign in Wall Street,” Trumka added.

Nearly all of Trump’s promises to help working people, Trumka insisted, “were either broken or unfulfilled. It doesn’t matter if the GDP is great and unemployment is at 3.9 percent.”

He did add, however, that Trump “is going in the right direction on trade and the AFL-CIO totally supports a rewrite of NAFTA.”

Trumka was just re-elected to his 3rd term as head of America’s largest union.

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