Hillary Clinton’s much ballyhooed testimony to the House Select Committee on Benghazi concluded yesterday with no small degree of fireworks between Clinton and the committee and among the committee members themselves.

And much as one might expect, Hillary’s misdirection and misinformation continued apace during her comments and answers in the hours-long proceedings.

In her prepared statement, Hillary claimed to have lost a great amount of sleep over the murder of her “friend”, slain ambassador Chris Stevens. But she later admitted that Stevens never had her private email address, so his repeated requests for increased security were routed through bureaucratic channels at the State Department.

Hillary continued the story line that she truly believed the attack on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi was the result of a Youtube video, but Rep. Jim Jordan pressed her with the fact that she email her daughter, Chelsea, explaining on the contrary that it was a terrorist attack.

She went on to attempt to downplay the influence that her former, now infamous adviser Sidney Blumenthal had on her deliberations about Libya. But Chairman Trey Gowdy countered that with the text of an email in which she praised his input on foreign affairs and asked that he “keep them coming.”

Probably the most egregious of her claims was that Ambassador Stevens knew and accepted the risks of his post in Benghazi. But that reality belied the fact that his repeated requests for increased security — including the requests for backup during the attack on the consulate that night — were denied.

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