According to a government source, included among the 29 Clinton emails deemed by the State Department’s Inspector General as top secret is a thread that reveals the identity of a CIA operative.

The revelation details that Hillary Clinton’s exchange in a series of emails with Richard Holbrooke mentions the name of the half-brother of former Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai who was on the CIA’s payroll.

In an interview with Fox News on the subject earlier this month, Republican Rep. Chris Stewart remarked of the emails which he reviewed as a member of the House Intelligence Committee, “I have never read anything more sensitive than what these emails contain. They do reveal classified methods. They do reveal classified sources and they do reveal human assets.”

As if the contents of the emails weren’t already of great concern, a prior Obama executive order specifically made content of this nature automatically top secret.

That Hillary’s exchange is in violation of that order and of intelligence community protocol clearly undermines her argument of non-sensitive or declassified material on her personal server.

The revelation puts more heat on the already beleaguered Clinton campaign going into next week’s Democrat primary in Nevada where she is in a dead heat with Bernie Sanders.

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