Sean Hannity

Fox News host Sean Hannity lays out all of the examples of political bias that has come from the Department of Justice involved in Robert Mueller’s investigation of President Trump.  Hannity shows the several examples of many of Mueller’s team harboring anti-Trump sentiments and pro-Hillary feelings instead.

Fox News has obtained the texts of FBI agent Peter Stzrok and his FBI lawyer girlfriend Lisa Page that show their bias against Trump and for Hillary.

First, Hannity talks about the recent basking of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein that occurred in front of the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday when they interrogated him about Mueller’s investigation team and the choices they made for Mueller’s team.

Republican congressmen wasted no time grilling Rosenstein for the huge mistake he and Mueller have made by allowing an incredibly biased individual like Strzok on his investigation team.

One of the Lawmakers, Mr. Jordan even made that claim that “the public trust in this whole thing is gone.”

Jordan also points out the actions that Rosenstein could do to solve this problem. Since Rosenstein is in charge of picking who is in control of this investigation, he could take out Mueller and put in place a less biased person.

Rosenstein, of course, remained defiant against the Republicans and refuted any claim that Mueller or himself knew of any bias going on and that they have run their office appropriately. He also defends that the special counsel’s investigation is “not a witch hunt.”

“Rosenstein is aiding and abetting that threat [to rule of law],” Hannity said, calling for the former Maryland U.S. Attorney to “shut down Mueller’s corrupt witch hunt.”

Hannity then lays out all of the money that Robert Mueller’s team has given to Democratic lawmakers, accumulating in over $50,000.  Only one of them donated to a Republican.

The third piece of evidence Hannity shows is explaining all of the evidence of how Peter Strzok has been involved in the Russian investigation from the beginning and how he has helped Hillary Clinton get out of her own private email server investigation as well.

There is just so much evidence stacked up against Mueller and his investigation team, it’s impossible to understand how it is still allowed to go on. What is definite is Republican lawmakers should not allow this biased pro-Hillary investigation go on for much longer.