In under a day, attendees at the DefCon hacking conference found a way to exploit vulnerabilities in 5 different types of voting machines. MSN has this wuote from the co-coordinator of the event, Harri Hursti:

“The first ones were discovered within an hour and 30 minutes. And none of these vulnerabilities has ever been found before, they’ll all new.”

One group was actually able to gain such control over the machine they played Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.” This hack shows how easy it would be to actually get inside these voting machines and change results. We are surprised Hillary didn’t do this to try to win.

Here is something they probably didn’t think about though. The hacks they were doing were actually done by disassembling the machines which is highly inefficient.

“This software just isn’t up to modern standards. It’s not even as strongly protected as a PC,” said Brandon Pfeifer, a security expert who works on embedded aviation systems in Kansas City. He came to the event because voting “has been such a hot topic after the presidential election,” he said.

Conference goers thronged to the room where more than 30 voting machines were laid out in various states of disassembly.”

The key word there is disassembly. Who would have time to take apart a voting machine, hack it, and put it back together in around 15-20 min. These guys did it in 1.5 hours and they are some of the best hackers in the world.

” ‘The machines themselves were mostly bought on eBay,’ said event co-coordinator Matt Blaze, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania and election security expert. ‘Only one of the models has been decommissioned, the rest are still in use around the country,’ he said.”

The same model may be in use throughout the country, but here’s another thing these genius hackers couldn’t think of. Software updates. just because it’s the same model doesn’t mean software can’t update.

All of this actually doesn’t even matter because THEY COULDN’T EVEN CHANGE THE VOTES! 

“The groups weren’t able change votes, noted Hursti, a partner at Nordic Innovation Labs and an expert on election security issues.

‘That’s not what we’re trying to do here today. We want to look at the fundamental compromises that might be possible,’ he said.”