James Comey seized control of the of the investigation of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s email practices over her time as secretary of state, instead of allowing the FBI field office to do its job and take care of the probe, Fox News reported.

Rep. Mark Meadows tweeted about the entire situation:

It wasn’t only Comey who mishandled the whole situation, he had help from Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr, who was crucial in operation.

Gregg Jarrett wrote:

“Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee furnished the necessary funds. Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS acted as the facilitator. And ex-British spy Christopher Steele provided the fabricated ‘dossier’ that served as a pretext for launching the investigation of Trump.

“Documents show that Steele kept feeding the FBI allegations about Trump – even after Trump became president – all the way through May 15, 2017. Why?  It is reasonable to conclude that the FBI was desperate to verify the unverified “dossier.” The material from Steele served as the basis for launching its Trump-Russia investigation and the foundation of its warrant to wiretap a Trump campaign associate.

“Bruce Ohr was peddling the false Steele document while benefiting from it financially. His wife, Nellie Ohr, worked on the “dossier” as an employee of Fusion GPS and was getting paid to do so by the Clinton campaign. Money was going into the Ohrs’ bank account at the same time Bruce Ohr was using his position at the Justice Department to advance this false intelligence document.”

The Ohrs aren’t the only ones who have aided in damaging the president. Trump has time and time again publicly stated his disgust with Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The president does so in right reason, Sessions has ignored pleas to reopen the Clinton email case, has failed to take aggressive action against those who appear to have broken the law extensively and he had continued his witch hunt into the “Trump-Russia collusion” case, of which there is none.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Sessions would resign soon, as he has lost the faith of not only Trump, but he is now beginning to lose the trust of the American people.

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BY Mark Graham


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