While saying he didn’t want to get into politics, former FBI Director James Comey told an audience in Miami that the National Rifle Association is an organization that “sells fear,” reports the Daily Caller.

According to the Miami Herald, Comey said he would support “reasonable restrictions” on gun owners and that doing so would not be akin to going down a “slippery slope.”

“It’s not a slippery slope, it’s a concrete set of stairs” that was designed by the framers of the Constitution, Comey suggested. “Let’s have these conversations standing there, holding the rails.”

Comey was in Miami to push his recent tell-all book on his relationship with President Donald Trump, “A Higher Loyalty.”

Comey insisted he would make a “crappy candidate” in part because “I hate the idea of asking people for money.”

Despite being fired by Trump, Comey, insisted, “I don’t hate Donald Trump. I don’t hate people that voted for Donald Trump.”

But he was critical of Trump’s leadership and personality morality.

Comey may dismiss talk of politics, but he was treated like a politician at the Miami event. Protesters stood at the entrance to the auditorium and shouted that both Comey and Clinton belong in jail.

While Comey may want to discredit the NRA, President Trump was busy showing his support for the second amendment and the civil rights organization that helps support the NRA. After a series of deadly shootings at schools, many weren’t sure what the president’s standing was on the NRA. But this past Friday her sure solidified his support in the NRA.

At the NRA’s annual convention in Dallas, Trump called again for arming teachers and increasing school security to head off future mass shootings like the one in Parkland, Florida in February that killed 17 people. Such measures are supported by the NRA.

With Republican control of the U.S. Congress up for grabs in November’s midterm elections, Trump used the NRA platform to return to rhetoric he used in 2016 to excite pro-gun voters, warning that Democrats are determined to take away Americans’ guns.

“Your Second Amendment rights are under siege. But they will never, ever be under siege as long as I’m your president,” Trump told the cheering crowd. “We’ve got to get Republicans elected.”

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BY Isabelle Weeks


I am a staff writer for DC Statesman and like to report on current events happening in the Trump administration as well as the political world.