New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been on a crusade against the National Rifle Association (NRA) for pretty much his entire tenure. But he has gone so far left in these attempts to shut down the powerful gun-rights group that the American Civil Liberties Union, a notoriously left-wing organization, is siding with the NRA. The ACLU has submitted a brief in federal court to put an end to what amounts as a “blacklisting” campaign that threatens financial institutions and insurers who work with the NRA.

The Daily Caller reports:

While the ACLU has disagreed with the NRA on the meaning of the Second Amendment, the friend-of-the-court brief supported the NRA on behalf of the First.

“’Those allegations [made by the NRA] represent a blatant violation of the First Amendment,’ the ACLU states. ‘Although public officials are free to express their opinions and may condemn viewpoints or groups they view as inimical to public welfare, they cannot abuse their regulatory authority to retaliate against disfavored advocacy organizations and to impose burdens on those organizations’ ability to conduct lawful business.’

“Cuomo has been a voracious critic of the NRA and has admitted to “proudly” trying to strong arm the group out of existence.

“’When an organization that is normally on the opposite side from you, joins you in a huge fight against a devout enemy, you know the gun-hating, gun-banning, bullying, anti-Second Amendment, enemies of Freedom are way out of control,’ Marion Hammer responded on behalf of the NRA.”

That’s powerful stuff.