Of all the crazy things New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says, he actually has said something that makes sense when it comes to removing statues.

Governor Cuomo is standing up for a controversial Christopher Columbus statue. While the removal has not been ordered yet, Cuomo has publicly stated his disapproval of any thoughts that it might bet taken down.

“The statue is really not about Columbus; it’s about the Italian-American heritage, and I think that deserves to be celebrated,” Cuomo told reporters at the West Indian Day Parade. “I believe the Italian-American heritage should be celebrated as part of the ongoing New York celebration of diversity.”

The governor added: “Nobody is saying that Christopher Columbus did not do bad acts to indigenous people, and I believe the indigenous people, by the way, should be celebrated. But if you want to take that kind of retrospective lens, where do you stop? Thomas Jefferson, George Washington — you know, who is without sin?”


Governor Cuomo is Italian himself and thinks the outrage over these statues is trivial.

“The Italian American contribution and the Italian American culture is a big part if what makes New York, New York,” Cuomo said.

But, he added, ‘Carrying it to the point where you want to say that we shouldn’t honor Italian Americans the way we have St. Patrick’s Day for Irish Americans, the Caribbean Day Parade for our brothers and sisters from the Caribbean, I think that goes too far.’

Governor Cuomo may be getting a ton of heat for his public feud with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, but this time, he is getting praise.

The liberal fight over Columbus Day and ‘Indigenous People’s Day’ is not one that is lost on Cuomo, but he understands that squabbling is pointless.