The New York gubernatorial race is between Governor Andrew Cuomo and former actress Cynthia Nixon. Nixon is running about 30 points behind Cuomo according to July polling, but in her debate with Cuomo, she scored points while smashing him from the Left, the Daily Wire reported.

“Nixon slammed him — to the applause of the audience — for failing to embrace single-payer health care; she accused him of underfunding the MTA, using it as an ‘ATM’; she suggested that he had flipped on marijuana legalization. Meanwhile, Cuomo suggested she was a ‘corporation’ (a weird charge, given that most wealthy people have corporations for tax purposes) and blamed her for not releasing her taxes in timely fashion (another weird charge, given that he waited to release his own taxes in 2010 until after the gubernatorial election, which Nixon pointed out). Overall, Cuomo looked petty and spiteful, and insincere in his dedication to Leftist principles. Purity usually trumps practicality in political debate.”

As Nixon repeatedly owned Cuomo, he aided the process by making himself look like a complete fool.  Cuomo asked Nixon to stop interrupting. She accused him of lying. He then responded that he would stop lying when she did.

You don’t see this very often; he admits that he’s lying, but accuses her of lying at the same time.

Along with the multiple wreckages of Cuomo in this debate, Nixon also seemed to be much more passionate on the topics than Cuomo was. She may not win the race, but she will cause it to be more competitive.

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BY Mark Graham


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