The law firm representing embattled sexual predator Harvey Weinstein wrote a check to NY Governor Andrew Cuomo’s re-election campaign six days before the governor called off an investigation into the film producer. The $25k donation was made from the Manhattan firm Boies Schiller & Flexner on June 20. Less than a week later Cuomo instructed Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance to drop the prosecution of Weinstein for a 2015 groping incident.

Page Six has the report:

“The temporary suspension was ordered to avoid interfering with Weinstein’s ongoing criminal case.

“Weinstein was previously represented by David Boies — whose firm was caught in a conflict-of-interest debacle after the New Yorker published its bombshell report on the slew of sexual-assault allegations against the producer.

“Boies’ firm had hired and paid private investigative companies to dig up dirt on Weinstein accusers — while at the same time representing the New York Times, which also published a report on the Weinstein allegations.”

Vance also received $55,000 in campaign contributions from Boies. $10k was given to him after the prosecutor declined to bring charges against Weinstein.

A spokesman for the governor released this statement, “The attorney general’s investigation was suspended to avoid situations in which Weinstein’s defense attorneys would be able to constantly petition the attorney general’s office for information about what they uncovered and undermine a criminal prosecution.”

This is not the first time Cuomo has found himself in hot water. Earlier this year nine people, including two aides to Cuomo, were indicted on a federal corruption inquiry. The charges related to bribery and fraud.