The Republican National Committee just announced it raised a staggering $15.9 million last month, most of it from small donors, with an average of twice that on hand in the 2020 war chest. New campaign finance data reveals that the Democratic National Committee raised a mere $6.6 million and has just $7.6 million on hand. Democrats received roughly the same figures as Republicans in donations from big and small donors ($200 or less): $3,084,136 and $3,065,795 respectively. This bodes well ahead of 2020 in which President Trump’s base is energized in reaction to the Left’s overreach.

Here’s more from Fox News…

The Republican National Committee (RNC) raised a whopping $15.9 million in April, more than double the money the Democratic National Committee managed to raise the same month.

The Democratic Party’s key body raised just $6.6 million, according to new campaign finance data, even as the party is bracing for competitive 2020 elections, with the White House, House and Senate.

The disclosures reveal that the RNC has so far amassed a massive war chest totaling $34.7 million at the end of the month, while the DNC so far has $7.6 million on hand.