Mike Wacker, a disenchanted Google software engineer, published on social media a redacted email from a Google manager to a lower-level employee daring to question the platform’s anti-Trump dogma. Per the email, Google was taking on “fake news” and “hate speech” because “that’s how Trump one.” Per his post: “[Wacker’s manager] said we need to stop hate [speech] and fake news because that’s how Trump won the election. Wacker defended his publication of the email on social media, saying that this is “not an isolated incident.”

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A manager at Google allegedly cautioned a lower-level employee for questioning the company’s stance on “fake news,” telling him that the company had to stop fake news and “hate speech,” because “that’s how Trump won,” according to a post aired publicly by another Google employee on social media.

Mike Wacker, a software engineer at Google, published on social media a redacted email he claims he received from a fellow employee in 2017, which alleged political bias at the company. According to Wacker’s post, his colleague at Google wrote:

Also, I posted a comment on a meme regarding fake news on Search and someone reported it to [Human Resources]. I didn’t say I was in favor or against, just cautioned that we need to be car[e]ful. My manager brought it up in our 1:1 last week. Made me feel very uncomfortable for having an opposing view.