Billy Vaughn

Father of fallen Navy SEAL Aaron Vaughn recently praised Trump for his efforts on the war against terror, especially in regards to changing the Obama Administration’s Rules of Engagement. Billy Vaughn said the rules of engagement that are very restrictive led to the death of his son.

On August 6, 2011, Vaughn was aboard a chopper that was shot down over Afghanistan leading to the single largest loss of American life in the history of the SEALs.

Fox News Insider quotes Billy Vaughn saying, “We do believe there are many things that happened that night, that if one of those things didn’t happen, Aaron might be alive today.”

Vaughn said that America has, “the most efficient military the world has ever seen.”

Vaughn also said the Obama rules of engagement made it extremely difficult to get pre-assault fire approval, meaning shooting at terrorists before they shoot at our soldiers. He said Helicopter pilots can be quoted saying there was about a one in a million chance of getting permission from the Obama administration. Trump has pledged to give the officers on the ground permission to make their own decisions on whether or not to fire.

Under Obama a lot of that authority was coming directly from Washington which could have led to many unnecessary deaths in the field. Sometimes that first shot from a terrorist could be a shot that leads to the death of an American life.