is a gambling site based in Australia that often takes a look at politics. They just released their top picks, with accompanying odds, for who President Trump will pick to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy. Trump has indicated that he will make his selection prior to July 10.

“This is one of the biggest decisions of the Trump Presidency and will shape the future of America for some years to come,” said Will Byrne, communications manager for, to The Washington Examiner. “That’s reflected in the betting market where the race is considered extremely close between quite a few potential candidates.”

Here is the list. The lower the dollar, the better odds of Trump making this pick:

$2.50 Brett Kavanaugh

$3.60 Amul Thapar

$4.00 Amy Coney Barrett

$5.00 Raymond Kethledge

$6.00 Kevin Newsom

$8.00 Patrick Wyrick

$8.00 Britt Grant

$9.50 Thomas Hardiman

$9.50 Mike Lee

$10 William Pryor

$10 Allison Eid

$12 Don Willett

$12 Keith Blackwell

$13 David Stras

$15 Charles Canady

$15 Federico Moreno

$18 Timothy Tymkovich

$18 Steven Colloton

$21 Raymond Gruender

$21 Joan Larsen

$23 Edward Mansfield

$23 Diane Sykes

$26 Robert Young

$26 Margaret Ryan

$31 Thomas Lee

$101 Patricia DiMango

$151 Lance Ito

$276 Marilyn Milian

$276 Judge Judy Sheindlin

$501 Carol Alt

$501 Gordon Ramsay

Our bet is on Gordon Ramsay.