MSNBC’s Joy-Ann Reid is not only embroiled in an anti-gay scandal but now is involved in a white supremacist scandal with the man who was trying to prove she was innocent in the first place, reports Mediaite.

“Cyber security expert” Jonathan Nichols, who the MSNBC host hired to prove that she did not write the supposedly “fabricated” anti-gay posts published on her old blog, once bragged about knowing prominent white supremacist Andrew “weev” Auernheimer.

NBC quietly circulated a statement from Nichols late Tuesday night which claimed to have found “evidence Joy Reid’s now-defunct blog, the Reid Report, was breached after a review of suspicious activity.”

While the Reid debacle thus far has focused on dated homophobic material published on the AM Joy host’s now-defunct blog The Reid Report, it appears that Nichols himself has a history of disturbing old posts.

The self-declared “Current Cyber Guy, Former PSYOP guy” goes by the handle @wvualphasoldier on Twitter, where he posts a stream of self-serious, bizarre ramblings. After NBC released a statement regarding his work for Reid, however, Nichols deleted all of his account’s old posts, went on a tweetstorm declaring a “lock down” of his account, and then placed it on protected mode so non-followers could not see his tweets.

Using the Internet archiving services and the Wayback Machine, Mediaite discovered a series of Nichols’ old tweets in which be brags about personally knowing the infamous neo-Nazi troll Andrew Auernheimer, who is more commonly known by his hacker name weev.

“Like are most of you aware that I NOT ONLY know Andrew (stromfront admin), but I was the principal element livetweeting his release from [prison],” tweeted Nichols on December 9, 2017. “If you try REALLY HARD you’ll see that I’m connected to the leadership of [Stormfront]. If you try just a bit harder you’ll figure it out.”

It is worth noting that weev is not an administrator for Stormfront, but is instead the webmaster for The Daily Stormer — the biggest Nazi site in America. In his tweets, Nichols appears to have confused the two racist sites.

“I’m just gunna tell you, because they are that bad this, I was at Weev’s coming home party,” Nichols added — a reference to weev’s release from prison in 2014.

Reid’s security expert bragged about personally knowing the hacker who helps run The Daily Stormer and thinks “Whites [should] be supreme in” America.


Perhaps should do a little bit more of a background check and vet the people she hires to help her with IT scandals.

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