The French have come unhinged. There is a movement for former President Barack Obama to run for the French presidency. Protesters told ABC that they are:

“looking for a candidate they “really admire” and “someone who could lead us to project ourselves in a bright future to give French people hope.”

“We started dreaming about this idea two months before the end of Obama’s presidency. We dreamed about this possibility to vote for someone we really admire, someone who could lead us to project ourselves in a bright future. Then, we thought, whether it’s possible or not, whether or not he is French, we have to do this for real, to give French people hope … Vive la République, Vive Obama, Vive la France and the U.S.A.”

The Hill reported:

“At a time when France is about to vote massively for the extreme right, we can still give a lesson of democracy to the planet by electing a French President, a foreigner,” the French website for “OBAMA17” reads, ABC News first reported on Thursday.

“[It’s] because he has the best resume in the world,” the site, which is not connected with Obama, continues.”

The one obvious major problem? Barack Obama is not French. Although he probably wishes he was.