It is not secret the French have been recently decimated by terrorist attacks. Instead of attacking this problem with love and compassion, authorities are cracking down hard on the real problem – radical Islam. France has raided over 200 mosques and shut down 20 of them.

French Prime Minister Mauel Valls has been at the head of this effort:

He said: “All Salafists are not jihadists … but almost all are jihadist Salafists.

“A terrible poison has spread.

“Slowly, insidiously, on a background of influences from abroad and rising communalism, developed against a model of society, a model against the Republic and its values.

“Many Muslims in France are taken hostage by the fundamentalist Salafism, who worship a weapon against others.

“The places of worship that house preachers will be closed systematically.

“It is necessary to rethink the training of imams and chaplains completely.

“France must become a European centre of excellence in the teaching of Islamic theology.”

There are currently around 2,500 mosques in France. Approximately 120 have been identified as preaching radical Salafism, which promotes Jihad and violence.

(H/T American Military News)