Former attorney for President Trump John Dowd, who previously headed his representation to special counsel Robert Mueller, spoke with Sean Hannity this week. He claims that while he represented Trump, Mueller gave assurances that Trump was not a target of the investigation and has not kept his word that the probe would end soon.

“That’s when I saw a stall going on, and I just lost complete faith in him because we had shaken hands,” Dowd said. He says he regrets believing Mueller because it is clear now that Mueller is up to something. Dowd also described the unprecedented level of transparency the Trump team and the White House has shown to Mueller:

“You ask for the document list, ask for your witnesses. And Ty Cobb and Jay (Sekulow) and I provided them. And he said he wouldn’t let any grass grow. And every meeting and communication we had, we stressed how important it was and how his inquiry was a great burden on the president, and interfered with the president’s ability to lead this country, particularly in foreign affairs.

“And he said he took that very seriously. And on and on, he gave me his word he would do it. And we got to late last year and he had completed the 37 witnesses. And I asked him, did you have any problem with those witnesses? They were all well-represented, all well-prepared, and he said no. Did anyone lie to you? No.

“Documents. We gave you 1.4 million but more importantly, we gave you the most intimate notes of the communications and deliberations by the president. No president in history has ever done anything like that. Are we missing anything, are there any missing documents? No. Are you satisfied with everything you’ve got? Yes.

“I said, well, what’s the president’s exposure? Well, The president’s exposure, he’s a witness slash/subject. I said, so he’s not a target, correct? Correct. That means he had no exposure. And at that point we said well, why don’t you just decline?

“He said well, we’d like to get back to you on that but we think we need to talk to the president…And we said, what do you not know that we have not given you — that only the president knows? And he could never answer that question, Sean. And that’s when I saw a stall going on, and I just lost complete faith in him because we had shaken hands.

“He’s the one who said, John, we’ll engage. We said, we are not going to raise conflicts, we are not going to raise the legality of the order, we are not going to fool with all this nonsense, let’s get the job done. This president wants the job done. And by the way the president gets the credit. He’s the one that said, give it to him.”

Here is the whole interview: