According to a former Bill Clinton aide, Cohen has taken his deal in an attempt to set up President Donald Trump, the Hill reported.

Why was Michael Cohen investigated? Because the “Steele dossier” had him making secret trips to meet with Russians that never happened, so his business dealings got a thorough investigating, and like Paul Manafort, his unrelated crimes came into fruition. In light of all of this, prosecutors are trying to turn legal acts into illegal ones by inventing new crimes.

“The plot to get President Trump out of office thickens, as Cohen obviously was his own mini crime syndicate and decided that his betrayals meant he would be better served turning on his old boss to cut the best deal with prosecutors he could rather than holding out and getting the full Manafort treatment. Cohen had recorded his client, trying to entrap him, sold information about Trump to corporations for millions of dollars while acting as his lawyer, and did not pay taxes on millions.

“Trump should do a better job of picking aides who pay their taxes, but he is not responsible for their financial problems and crimes. These investigations, essentially based on an opposition dossier, were never anything other than an attempt to push into a corner as many Trump aides and family members as possible and shake them down until they could get close enough to Trump to try to take him down.”

Many of Trump’s aides, lawyers and other staff have gone through hours of scrutiny to find anything that could be twisted into a crime, leaving far behind the original Russia collusion theory. Paying for nondisclosure agreements for perfectly legal activities is not a crime, and squeezing guilty pleas out of vulnerable witnesses does nothing to change those facts.

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BY Mark Graham


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