The final Democrat primary debate prior to the Iowa Caucuses aired on Sunday night, though with the NFL games most voters wouldn’t have known it.

With the notion now accepted as fact by many that the DNC deliberately scheduled debates during non-prime time days to aid Hillary, the move looks to be backfiring.

According to RCP’s polling average, Bernie Sanders is in a statistical deadbeat with Hillary in Iowa just 14 days before votes are cast.

Meanwhile, Sanders still holds a six-point advantage in RCP’s New Hampshire average with the latest Monmouth poll showing a 14-point lead.

With the pre-primary debates concluded, it now looks as though Hillary’s campaign lost prime opportunity in the debates to showcase her leadership prowess to voters who might make the difference in whether she wins at least one of the first two primaries.

Though her performance is expected to be much stronger in South Carolina and other southern states with higher black population, the probability that she could lose the first two primaries could be a serious bruise to her claim of inevitability.

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