A feminist tried to show her support for local Somali Muslims. So she walked into a migrant owned store to show solidarity by giving them some business. But as soon as she stepped foot in the establishment and picked up an item she was told by the store owner himself that she couldn’t shop there.

Want to know why she couldn’t? It’s because one of the things she probably supports, Sharia Law, forces women to be treated with disrespect by forcing them to cover up. It’s a mystery how feminists can support such a degrading law, but then again it doesn’t because they typically have no idea what they are talking about in the first place.

Leftists continue to support this disgusting way of life even though they know what it stands for. Mad World News has this to say on the topic:

“In an effort to practice what she preached, feminist activist Soheila Fors believed that the best way to show her solidarity with the local Somali Muslim community was to financially support their businesses. Seeing Islamization as a progressive movement that promotes women’s rights, she headed to a Somali shop in her home country, Sweden, hoping to hand over her money in exchange for their handmade goods. What she received instead not only proved her ignorance but Islam’s real treatment of women.”

Here are quotes from the woman:

“One day I went to a city and visited a Somali shop. I know they usually have gorgeous patterned dresses. The woman in the store showed me where they had theirs and I found one that I liked. As I stood at the dresses, a man came in who must have been the store owner and said in Somali, ‘We do not sell to her. She has no hijab.’”

“He left. The woman turned to me and said, ‘Unfortunately, you can not buy it.’ ‘Imagine going to a store and not buying food and milk,’ I replied. ‘Sweden is a democracy,’ she replied. ‘Yes, yes, it’s a democracy. I’ll get in with or without hijab,’”

“Imagine the social drive and the outrage that would arise if a Swedish business discriminated against someone because of clothing, religion, sex, or sexual orientation. Or does religious freedom and democracy mean that some have the right to discriminate?”

“Many have demanded that I report the discrimination. I will not report this because I know for sure that a notification will already affect vulnerable women today. A notification will also lead to conflicts between my countrymen and the Somali group,” Fors wrote. “There are other ways to go that are legal. For example, we can use our consumer power. We will make sure that business owners do not discriminate against customers before doing business with them.”

Feminists constantly try to support Islam but what they don’t know is that in the Islam faith they have to be “devoutly obedient” to men. That’s one of the things they stand against though. It’s a good thing most of them have no common sense to know this.