A photo of Travis County, Texas Judge Sarah Eckhardt wearing a “pussy hat” in court made the rounds recently.

Apparently Eckhardt put the cap on during a January 24th commissioners court hearing that included a proclamation “supporting reproductive choice in healthcare.”

How can anyone take someone with authority seriously who resorts to such childish antics?

Here is the picture:

The so-called “pussy hat” was popular during the liberal women’s march that took place in DC recently.

Luckily, the so-called Judge does not have a lot of power:

“However, KVUE in Austin, Texas contacted multiple county departments, and all said Eckhardt is in the clear. KVUE reports that although Eckhardt’s title is judge, she does not hear cases or act as an attorney; rather, she was elected to oversee the commissioners court much as a mayor would oversee a city council.”

Here is a news report about the Judge: