Judicial Watch is proving to be the fly in Hillary Clinton’s ointment for the entirety of her presidential campaign.

The government watchdog was the first to get a court order for the release of Hillary’s emails from her home-based server, which has resulted tens of thousands of damaging documents.

That Hillary is threatened by the possibility of an indictment for breach of security protocol is largely with a result of Judicial Watch’s effort.

Now the group is pursuing the ghost of Hillary’s past which many assumed was a settled issue: Whitewater.

Plagued by the specter of illegal real estate deals, Bill and Hillary Clinton were tainted in the 90s by the possibility of an indictment in the scandal which ultimately sent one of Hillary’s colleagues to federal prison.

But now a FOIA request to the National Archives for release of the draft indictment of Hillary is being blocked by Justice Department attorneys who cited protection of personal information as reason for keeping the documents under wraps.

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