Judicial Watch has uncovered records showing that FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe did not recuse himself from the investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email server until one week before the presidential election.

As McCabe worked as the Assistant Director in Charge of the Washington Field Office, he controlled all resources used for the investigation into Clinton’s email scandal.  In a memorandum labeled “Overview of Deputy Director McCabes’s Recusal to Dr. McCabe’s Campaign for Political Office,” it details the possible conflicts of interest with having McCabe proceed with that FBI investigation:

“While at [Washington Field Office] did Mr. McCabe provide assistance to the Clinton investigation?

After the referral was made, FBI Headquarters asked the Washington Field Office for personnel to conduct a special investigation. McCabe was serving as [Assistant Director] and provided personnel resources. However, he was not told what the investigation was about. In February 2016 McCabe became Deputy Director and began overseeing the Clinton investigation. The memo read.”

The overview also asked McCabe if he played any role in his wife’s campaign, to which the scripted response was, “No. Then-[Assistant Director] McCabe played no role, attended no events and did not participate in fundraising or support of any kind.”

However, Circa reported finding social media photos in which McCabe is wearing a T-Shirt that supports his wife’s campaign during a public event and then posting them online urging people to vote for his wife.  Now there is an investigation into whether he did disclose payments to his wife’s campaign as well as possible Hatch Act violations:

“The Overview attempts to deflect concerns regarding the timing of the announcement of Mrs. McCabe’s candidacy in mid-March 2015, fast on the heels of Clinton’s illicit server becoming public knowledge,’ reports Judicial Watch.”

The news about Clinton’s private email server broke March 2, 2015, and just five days later, former Clinton Foundation board member and Democrat party fundraiser, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe met with the McCabes to recruit her for a state senate position. Mrs. McCabe announced her candidacy on March 12.

In April 29, 2015, and document titled: “Protocol regarding Potential Conflicts of Interest” was sent from the Washington Field Office to various FBI officials, that states McCabe “consulting with individuals within the Washington Field Office and [FBI headquarters]” prior to the announcement of his wife’s campaign.

These are clear markers that Andrew McCabe was lying about supporting his wife during her senate campaign which then leads to a clear conflict of interest when dealing with the Hillary Clinton email server investigation.

We can no longer trust what former director James Comey or what Andrew McCabe has said in regards to Clinton’s emails:

“The FBI is compromised. Mr. McCabe should have been nowhere near the Hillary Clinton investigations,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “That he saw fit to recuse himself only days before the election further demonstrates the FBI’s Clinton email investigation was a sham. No wonder it took a year and a federal lawsuit to get these records. It is well past time for the Justice Department to reopen the Clinton email investigation.”

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BY Isabelle Weeks


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