In light of sexual misconduct allegations, Representative John Conyers is finally “retiring.”  Family members are blaming the retirement on Conyers health, and claim that his decision to retire has nothing to do with the sexual misconduct allegations.

Conyers officially announced that he will be retiring Tuesday and endorsed his son, John Conyers III to run for his seat.

“‘My legacy can’t be compromised or diminished in any way by what we’re going through now. This too shall pass,’ said Conyers on a local Michigan radio station Tuesday morning.”

Conyers great nephew, Michigan state senator Ian Conyers told CBS News’ Jonathan Blakley that he would be running for the elder Conyers’ seat.

In a phone interview with The New York Times, the senator insisted that Conyers’ retirement was due to his health, and that he was not resigning, but retiring.

“‘His doctor advised him that the rigor of another campaign would be too much for him just in terms of his health,’  Ian Conyers told the Times.”

He was also sure that his great-uncle’s constituents in Michigan would support him and the rest of the family.

“‘I stand with my uncle in terms of his belief of no specific wrongdoing,’ he said. ‘However, those things need to have their day in court.'”

The announcement comes after numerous calls were made for Conyers to step down from his seat due to allegations of sexual misconduct and harassment.

BuzzFeed reported last week that a settlement was made between Conyers and the former staffer who had accused him of sexual misconduct. An additional staffer accused Conyers of sexual misconduct and even filed a lawsuit against him.  However, she dropped the suit when courts refused to seal the case.

“‘This goes with the issue of politics. The game of politics which we’re in, we take what happens, we deal with it, we pass on and move on forward as we keep going trying to make as much as we can of this tremendous opportunity that’s been given to me for so long,’ said Conyers on Tuesday.”

Conyers acknowledged the settlement, but denied the allegations against him.  Following the news, Conyers was hospitalized for a stress-related illness.

The news comes after multiple congressmen in both the House and Senate have been accused of sexual misconduct.  Conyers does believe that Congress should disclose details of the settlements made by other lawmakers in cases of sexual misconduct and harassment.

“‘I think there should be a complete disclosure and revealing to all of the citizens of the country of what your federal legislators are doing or not doing and any cost that may have been incurred as a result of that,’ added Conyers.”

Conyers has already stepped down from his leadership position in the House Judiciary Committee, but is now leaving the seat he’s held since 1965.