On Wednesday evening, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow reported an exclusive story on Devin Nunes, playing audio from a secret recording made at a GOP fund-raiser where Nunes spoke, Conservative Review reported.

“Maddow was gifted the audio by a progressive group called ‘Fuse Washington,’ who sent someone to a fund-raiser for Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, R-Wa., paying the $250 entry fee to attend and make the secret recording. The fund-raiser was closed to the press, and Maddow was thrilled to report something from an event where ‘reporters were not allowed in,’ she said, slapping her desk for emphasis.”

“These are not the kinds of things that Devin Nunes usually says in public,” Maddow explained.

Maddow’s first claim is when Nunes speaks about keeping seats in Congress so that there is less danger for President Trump to be impeached. Yes, duh.

Wouldn’t it make sense for Nunes to ask Republican donors for money and votes to keep Republicans in control of the House and prevent this absurd thing Democrats want to do from happening? Yes, yes it does.

Maddow’s next claim is Nunes stating that he “cringes” at some of the president’s tweets. Yes, sometimes we all cringe at the president’s tweets, Maddow.

She then goes on to claim that Nunes is always publicly defending Trump concerning the Russian collusion investigation, and that would be because there hasn’t been any evidence brought against Trump in this investigation.

All of these claims are big bags of nothing, which is pretty similar to most of the claims Democrats bring up against Trump.

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BY Mark Graham


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