Facebook’s advertising algorithm just can’t help itself from discriminating against the social media platform’s users. According to a Business Insider report, a newly published research paper reveals that Facebook’s advertising platform places ads based on race and gender even when told not to by advertisers. As recently as last month, Facebook settled numerous lawsuits with civil rights groups over discriminatory advertising based on age, race, and gender, but the practice appears to still be in full swing. Facebook’s left hand clearly doesn’t know what the digital right hand is doing.

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Facebook’s advertisement targeting system can’t help but discriminate, according to a report, which claimed it discriminates by race and gender even when told not to.

According to Business Insider, a “research paper published on Wednesday has revealed that Facebook’s ad targeting can discriminate by race and gender, even when advertisers request that their ads are shown to a broad audience.”

“The researchers spent $8,500 running dozens of ads on the platform to determine whether Facebook’s ad targeting was skewing certain ads towards or away from certain groups. In one case, they put together ads for houses up for sale or rent in North Carolina,” Business Insider reported. “They found that ads for houses on sale were delivered to an audience that was 75% white users. Ads for houses for rent were shown to a more mixed demographic.”