From the ‘war on women’ to attacking Donald Trump’s wife, feminists love to label conservative women as traitors. But the truth is, there are more women out there who believe in conservative ideals than the left would have you believe.

Liberals don’t want to talk about Margaret Thatcher, Michelle Malkin, Dana Loesch, Dana Perino, Sarah Palin, Stacey Dash, Megyn Kelly, Nikki Haley, and more. And when they do, it’s only to trash them for rejecting feminist ideology.

This picture, which has gone viral on social networking, gives one of the most concise and thoughtful reasons as to why more and more women are identifying as conservative. Instead of demanding the government stick up for them, they are shedding the believe that they cannot compete on their own. And it’s glorious.

You got to love the moxie.

Make sure to show this to all of your feminist friends. It will make their head spin.

It reads:

“I’m a Conservative because… women across America have repeatedly proven that we are perfectly capable of competing with men. To suggest that we need government intervention to succeed is an insult to our intelligence.”

Check out the full picture: