An Arizona chapter of ANTIFA was caught burning posters of a slain cop who was killed by an illegal alien, and that same group then started an altercation with Trump supporters who were trying to put the posters back up, reports The Daily Caller.

Antifascist Action Phoenix claimed to remove “hundreds” of posters at Arizona State University depicting individuals killed by illegal aliens. The group burned at least one of the posters featuring Brandon Mendoza, a Mesa police officer killed by an illegal alien driving the wrong way down a road, according to AZCentral.

The Antifa group posted images on Twitter, in which Mendoza’s name, his May 12, 2014 date of death, and #NeverForget can be seen.

“We successfully removed hundreds of racist posters and symbols and then had a nice barbecue,” said Antifascist Action Phoenix on Facebook, remarking that it had removed pictures of individuals “who had been killed by someone ‘illegal.’ No person is illegal and cherry picking 3 cases out of millions to boost your racist agenda is bullshit, we expected more.”

Unite America First, a group advocating for American patriotism hung the fliers of Mendoza. They also hung posters of ones depicting convenience store employee Grant Ronnebeck, who was shot by an illegal alien robber, as well as Kate Steinle, shot by an illegal alien previously deported five times from the United States.

The patriot group was live streaming the event when the ANTIFA members showed up to take down the fliers yet again and some of the antifascists were then arrested for starting fights and resisting cops who showed up on the scene.

“They changed their hoods from white hoods to black hoods!” yelled one of the individuals associated with Unite America First, comparing Antifa to the Ku Klux Klan.

“If you’re here illegally, you can go back with your family. You don’t have to be split up,” said one of the patriot group’s organizers. He then addressed the parents of Americans slain by illegal aliens, saying “the only place they can visit their children anymore is at the graveside.”

“Why do we hear about illegal alien dreams, but we don’t hear about [the victims’] dreams?” he asked.

The Daily Caller tried reaching out to the ANTIFA organization in Arizona, but no one has responded back for comment.

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BY Isabelle Weeks


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